Side Effects of Cyclofenil

Cyclofenil is one of the least popular Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators (SERMís) used by performance enhancing athletes; its availability compared to Tamoxifen Citrate (Nolvadex) and Clomiphene Citrate (Clomid) just isnít there. Like Clomid, Cyclofenil can be used as a means of ovarian stimulation in women who have difficulty becoming pregnant. Further, like both SERMís Nolvadex and Clomid, Cyclofenil holds similar testosterone stimulating qualities by promoting the pituitary to release both Luteinizing and Follicle Stimulating Hormones (LH & FSH). For the performance athlete, there are really two purposes of total use; gynecomastia prevention and Post Cycle Therapy (PCT). By its natural mode of action, Cyclofenil will bind to the receptors in the place of estrogen; however, when aromatization is strong this is often not enough and Aromatase Inhibitors (AIís) must be used. For PCT purposes, the idea is fairly straightforward; testosterone production has been suppressed due to anabolic steroidal supplementation, and to stimulate production we need a SERM that will stimulate LH and FSH; simple, yet effective.

As for the side-effects of Cyclofenil, like most SERMís they will be relatively mild, and in most cases, of very little concern with responsible use; even large doses normally wonít cause a big problem. Perhaps one of the most common side-effects of Cyclofenil is acne; this is due to the rapid increase in testosterone levels, but itís not something that will occur in most, and if so, itís normally mild and will appear on the back or shoulders and clear away fast. Some may also find fatigue and hot-flashes to be a problem, but of all the side-effects mentioned so far less than 25% of those who use this SERM will fall prey to a single one, and even less than that will do so at a beyond moderate level. Another concern can also be abdominal cramping, but this is a side-effect of Cyclofenil that will affect less than 2% of all those who supplement. In any case, if for some reason you have a problem discontinue use immediately and find yourself a SERM you tolerate more; this doesnít take a genius to understand, and you will find one your body prefers.

When it comes to the side-effects of Cyclofenil, thatís really all there is to it; we could list a hundred more side-effects if it made you feel better, but weíd be lying, and that doesnít help anyone. At any rate, as most will only be using this SERM for a few weeks for PCT purposes, four to six weeks max, the odds of a healthy adult male incurring any problem is highly unlikely if he stays with sane doses. Most will never need a dosing above 400mg to 600mg per day, and will find they can decrease it to 300mg per day as their PCT progresses. It should be noted; studies have shown Cyclofenil doses below 300mg per day have little to no positive or negative effects; meaning, doses this low are pointless.

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