Cyclofenil Profile

Cyclofenil is an anti-estrogen preparation which is commonly used by sports lovers and body building professionals. It is yet another SERM (SelectiveEstrogen Receptor Modulator)causing ovulation in the human body. Since Cyclofenil increases testosterone level, athletes regularly use it to boost their performance. Meaning individuals will be faster and stronger after taking this steroid.  

For its medicinal purpose, Cyclofenil was some time ago, used for assistance in women for treatment of ovarian dysfunction and infertility. Women who have fertility problems use Cyclofenil to enhance their ovulation. Just the fact that a woman is ovulating every month and is having regular menstrual cycles does not guarantee fertility for her since she can be infertile even with normal estrogen levels. As an experiment, Cyclofenil has also been used in treatment of scleroderma. 

Cyclofenil is taken orally to get absorbed in the blood stream through the stomach. It then gets in the brain to act on hypothalamus. Hypothalamus has complicated no. of neurotransmitters and receptors. Cyclofenil’s work is to stop the receptors of estrogen. The hypothalamus, upon sensing that there is no estrogen in the person’s body, instantly releases the Gonadotropins which works on testes, ovary, and adrenal gland and stimulates to produce more sex hormones for female. Estrogen and adrenal is released by both female and male sex hormones respectively. The outcome of this is additional testosterone in the male body.

Cyclofenil is frequently used in combination with some other steroids. When used by athletes and bodybuilders, the drug is used at-least two weeks before any sports event and approximately 7- 8 days are given for washout from the body. In order to effectively boost natural levels of testosterone, and get maximum benefits of using steroids like strength and muscle mass, enhanced staying power, recovery, and then this is a great product.

Cyclofenil acts by getting rid of the negative effect of estrogen, stimulating testes to start production again. Cyclofenil works to assist in increasing hormone levels in the body. As for the most dreadfull side effect of steroids, gynecomastia, this chemical actually serum levels of FSH that are bound to breast tissues. It puts off tissue growth as well as lactation in male breasts occurring commonly in male steroid users in addition to preventing muscles water retention.

Cyclofenil’s side effects are quite mild. If taken in low doses, few people suffer any side effects. The side effects include but are not restricted to; breast tenderness, hot flashes, nausea, abdominal cramping, vomiting, impotence, and hair loss, loss of libido, and fatigue. Furthermore, problems such as acne, oily face, hot flashes and anxiety need to be dealt with at all times. Patients of high blood pressure need to aware that this steroid will further increase blood pressure. Cyclofenil should always be used as prescribed by the physician and should never exceed the prescribed dosage. Most of these side effects go away upon stopping the drug. Reports show that Cyclofenil is currently prescribed rarely now due to its side effects of causing permanent liver damage.

The dosage of drug is derived at best from guess-work and experiences.Cyclophenil comes in sixteen tablet pack of 200/mg tabs. Since Cyclofenil is generally not for medicinal purpose most healthcare professionals don’t prescribe it. Generally, Cyclofenil’s dosage used by bodybuilders and athletes varies from 400 to 600 mg/day for best results. Majority users suggest using drug for 2 to 3 week cycles.  

Another reason why Cyclofenil is less frequently prescribed by physicians is that it is not widely and easily available in the markets. Cyclofenil is comparatively cheaper than other steroids provided it is a genuine product.

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