Buy Cyclofenil

If you want to buy cyclofenil it can be bought from the internet as well as from your local gym and its availability depends on where in the world you are buying it from. It will be a challenge to buy cyclofenil in the United States, whether or not you are buying it online or not.   Cyclofenil is a SERM; a selective estrogen receptor modulator which has the same purpose in the body as clomid. For a ling time, cyclofenil was used in the place of Clomid because it was able to stimulate ovulation among women who were finding it hard to ovulate. It was the preferred steroid for a long time too because of its price, since it was far much cheaper than clomid and it could still have the same effects as clomid. There are pitfalls of buying from the internet; you may end up buying the wrong thing, so you need to educate yourself. Most importantly, you need to know how to use cyclofenil and the effects it will have in your body.

Reasons People Buy Cyclofenil

Those who intend to buy cyclofenil should known it has the advantage of increasing testosterone hormones in both men and women. Women naturally have a smaller supply of testosterone compared to men and men need more testosterone than women. The supply of testosterone in the body will mean that you will have a lot more energy than people who do not use any steroids. This drug in itself does not have testosterone but rather it inhibits the negative feedback caused by estrogen in the body and thus stimulates the luteinizing hormone which in turn leads to the production of more testosterone hormone in your body. This is one of those compounds which will increase the testosterone levels in your body without causing the whole aromatization drama that is caused by the presence of estrogen in the body. This is the reason it is so popular with users since no one has to worry about Virilization or gynecomastia anymore. It is a SERM and will bring to the estrogen receptor and this means that stronger estrogen will not bind to the tissues and you will not develop gynecomastia if you are a male user of cyclofenil.

Avoiding Negative Effects of Cyclofenil

Cyclofenil has two opposing effects depending on how you use it. In the first place it can cause the depression of the follicle stimulating hormone and this will lead to the binding it to the breast tissue, which is a good thing as you will not develop male breast tissue. There is the other effect that is caused by estrogen increases the level of luteinizing hormone which increases the level of prolactin and will cause the male breasts to produce milk… which can be very embarrassing. To prevent such side effects, you need to use 400-600mg per day and do not use more than has been prescribed for the use by anyone. Beginners need to be especially careful not to use a lot of it from the beginning so as not to experience the negative side effects. Those who wish to buy cyclofenil note that it is not as available in the market as other SERMS and can be constituted with others of its kind like Nolvadex and Clomid

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