There are many types of performance enhancing drugs (PED’s) to choose from depending on what you want to achieve by the time you think of using it. One of the many choices you have is cyclofenil; a SERM (Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator) that causes ovulation.

Being a SERM (Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator) makes it a medication that can be used to increase ovulation in women who have issues with ovulation. It is the ovulation process that is the primary process of fertility and if a woman is not ovulating, fertility is compromised. Some women may not be ovulating at all, while some may be ovulating irregularly, needless to say the presence of menstruation is not an indicator of fertility. A woman may have normal levels of the estrogen hormone but they may not ovulate for many reasons. Cyclofenil can be used as a treatment for infertility.

Cyclofenil increases the level of testosterone in athletes. The only reasons athletes take PED’s is to increase their performance in various sports. Much as doping has been illegalized in many fields, there are some professional athletes who are still using PED’s such as steroids and winning medals. Anti-doping bodies emphasize on natural bodybuilding and natural winning. For those who are not in professional sport, the reason for steroid intake is to increase the capacity of muscles in the body. This means that you will be stronger and faster with the intake of steroids.

Because Cyclofenil is an anti-estrogen medication that downplays the negative effects of the estrogen that is produced during the process of aromatization from PED use, many athletes use Cyclofenil in an effort to control aromatase effects. For men, this is a relief since the chances of developing breasts are nullified in this process. However, the catch comes in when in the process of downplaying the effects of estrogen; it depresses serum PRL levels and raises the LH levels. This increases the levels of the hormone prolactin; the hormone that triggers breasts to produce milk in nursing mothers. Men who use Cyclofenil will have to deal with this effect.

As for the side effects, there are bucket loads of them. You will have to deal with acne and an oily face as well as hot flashes and anxiety all the time. For those who have high blood pressure, chances are you are going to have a higher blood pressure by the time you are through using Cyclofenil. Always use Cyclofenil as directed by a physician, not exceeding the dosage that has been directed to you by the professional. You need 400 to 600 mgs per day for the best results.

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